Solo Canoes Bring Versatility to Paddlers and Your Store

Watercraft options with a lot to offer in a small package

Solo Canoes Bring Versatility to Paddlers and Your Store

When customers come in shopping for a kayak, don’t forget to mention the possibility and benefits of a solo canoe. It might be an option they haven’t thought about but offers everything they are looking for. 

A couple years back, I was browsing every local outdoor and sports shop looking for a kayak to suit my diverse wants list. It had to be budget friendly, light enough for me to load and transport by myself, short enough to fit in the back of my truck, open layout for fishing, spacious enough to hold equipment for duck hunting and gear for camping. My search eventually led me to solo canoes, an option that had not crossed my mind.

Solo canoes provide a versatile option for anyone looking to purchase one watercraft that can handle an array of on-the-water hobbies. The high sides and open layout in front and behind the seat or bench provide plenty of space for paddlers looking to transport gear. With many lightweight designs on the market, canoes can be an ideal solution for remote camping that requires gear transportation and portaging. 

The roomy arrangement of solo canoes may also be appealing to anglers who like to carry multiple fishing rods and a lot of tackle and gear. They can be a great choice for waterfowl hunters sneaking into their favorite backwater spot and can even provide a platform to hunt from.

Below are a few well known and popular options for your customers looking to go solo.

Old Town Discovery 119

The Discovery 119 is a compact canoe built with three-layer construction to be durable, yet lightweight. Designed specifically for solo paddling, it is well-suited for double-bladed or single paddles. Hull design includes straight sides and a moderate rocker for straight tracking. It features a durable nylon web seat and ash wood thwarts. Carry handles are molded in for convenient transportation. The Discovery 119 comes with a lifetime hull warranty. MRSP: $799.99


·      Length – 11 feet, 9 inches

·      Width – 32.5 inches

·      Depth – 13.5 inches

·      Weight – 49 pounds Weight capacity – 500 pounds

Old Town also makes the Discovery 119 in a Solo Sportsman model designed for hunting and fishing. It has the same Discovery 110 hull design and specifications, but includes added features like fishing rod holders, a contoured seat, adjustable foot braces, accessory track and a shotgun shell tray, increasing the overall weight to 56 pounds. MSRP: $999.99

Old Town NEXT 

The NEXT from Old Town is designed to incorporate both canoe and kayak characteristics to get the best of both worlds. This model can also be propelled with a double- or single-blade paddle. It has a pronounced tumblehome and lower profile for easier paddling. The 3-layer hull is durable and features a subtle rocker for straight, smooth tracking. The NEXT is assembled with a support foot brace and removeable seating system for enhanced comfort. MSRP: $1,099.99


·      Length – 13 feet

·      Width – 29 inches

·      Depth – 11.5 inches

·      Weight – 59 pounds

·      Weight capacity – 450 pounds

Wenonah Argosy 

The Argosy is designed for solo paddling rivers and streams, with an added depth and volume to handle rough water and a deep rocker in the keel for maneuverability. This canoe is recommended for intermediate to advance paddlers and offered in three different materials – Tuf-Weave Flex Core, Flex-Core with Aramid and Ultralight with Aramid. Each material choice also comes with a variety of available upgrades like aluminum or wood trim and gunwales. Up to 12 gelcoat color options are available, but finish will add 8 pounds to the overall weight. MSRP: $2,399 – $2,499


·      Length – 14 feet, 6 inches

·      Width – 30.25 inches

·      Depth – 13.5 inches

·      Weight – Dependent on material

o   Tuf-Weave Flex Core – 46 pounds

o   Flex Core with Aramid – 43 pounds

o   Ultra-light with Aramid – 30 pounds

Wenonah Wee Lassie

The Wee Lassie is a small and compact canoe and the lightest in Wenonah’s lineup. It is designed for ventures on lakes and gentle rivers with a flat bottom and a floor-mounted seat with integrated backrest for comfort. The Wee Lassie is crafted from Ultra-light with Aramid material to decrease overall weight even more while remaining durable and reliable for real-life use. MSRP: $1,649


·      Length – 10 feet, 6 inches

·      Width – 27 inches

·      Depth – 10 inches

·      Weight – 16 pounds

Mad River Serenade

The Serenade line of solo canoes from Mad River comes in two configurations – Serenade 13 FGX and 13 TR Ultralite. The FGX model is constructed of durable fiberglass and features a kayak style seat and adjustable foot braces for comfortable and efficient paddling. It contains a shallow vee bottom with minimal rocker. The TR Ultralite model features a hung center sliding canoe seat providing a higher paddling position. It’s foam-core composite construction and simple outfitting currently make this model Mad River’s lightest hull. MSRP: $1,749 - $2,149


·      Length – 13 feet, 1 inch

·      Width – 28.25 inches

·      Depth – 11.5 inches

·      Weight – Dependent on material

o   FGX – 42 pounds

o   TR Ultralite – 30 pounds

Serenade 13 TR Ultralite
Serenade 13 TR Ultralite


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