Congress Passes Outdoors Act

Billions are to be allocated to multiple agencies in support of public land and infrastructure restoration

Congress Passes Outdoors Act

The Great American Outdoors Act was passed by the Senate and the House and is now moving on to President Trump’s desk for approval. 

The bill is poised to be one the largest accomplishments towards conservation in recent history as it would allot up to $1.9 billion in funding per year toward the National Park Service, Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management and the Bureau of Indian Education. The money would help to restore national parks, conserve land and build parks and outdoor playgrounds in urban areas.

Specific projects everything from restoring bridges, roads, visitor centers and trails to updating crucial infrastructure like sewer systems, bathrooms and campgrounds. The billions in revenue was paid to the government from oil and gas exploration fees through the Land and Water Conservation Fund with the purpose of chipping away at a backlog of park restoration projects and repairs that amount to almost $12 billion. The House recently passed the bill by a vote of 310 to 107 after the Senate voted it through in June. It is now making its way to President Trump who has previously committed to signing. 

Restoring our parks and their infrastructure only helps to support the longevity of outdoor recreation and our industry. The bill will be a big player economically for retailers. Outdoor recreation has gained even more popularity as the COVID-19 outbreak pushes more people to outdoor activities instead of indoor events. The Great American Outdoors Act will benefit everyone with interests and hobbies in the outdoors world, including your stores.

The passing of this bill will benefit parks and public land nationally and has the potential to create thousands of jobs across the U.S.

The legislation was introduced by Senator Cory Gardner of Colorado, who compared the bill to a similar fund established in the 1960s. “Look at the Land Water Conservation Fund. For every $1 million that is spent on the Land and Water Conservation Fund, it supports between 16 and 30 jobs, the Great American Outdoors Act is helping support over 100,000 jobs through this legislation.”

An increase in outdoor recreation is good for outdoor brands and retailers alike. And additional funding for parks and public lands will only help secure interest and support for the industry. As long as people have land and water to explore, they will continue to utilize the equipment that helps them enjoy it.


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