Watercraft Safety Equipment Is a Must-Have

Put some thought into the on-the-water items your customers may forget

Watercraft Safety Equipment Is a Must-Have

Watercraft safety equipment isn’t the most glamorous product category, but it is perhaps the most important and most often overlooked. It can pay to have a small section of your store dedicated to on-the-water safety accessories.

Personal flotation devices are an obvious essential that are required by law in all watercrafts, including fishing boats, canoes, kayaks and paddleboards. The following is a look at a few overlooked items that are not only handy to have onboard, but in some situations also required by law. 

First Aid Kit

First aid kits may not be legally required, but it’s a good idea to have one accessible during any outing on the water. Stock something that suits water sports enthusiasts but is also versatile enough for other activities. The Coleman Sportsman Waterproof Outdoor First Aid Kit is a good example of a multipurpose emergency kit ideal for boating or any outdoor hobby.

·      100-piece kit

·      Glows in the dark

·      Floating, compact, crush-proof, waterproof case



Flares and distress signals may be required by law depending on which waterways your customers are using. Federal law states that all boats regardless of size when navigating coastal waters, including Great Lakes, territorial seas and the waters connecting them, must be equipped with visual distress signals. Customers may not realize the body of water they plan on boating requires distress signals to be on board, so make sure you’re familiar with local regulations and can help them understand what they need. Regardless of legality, flares are a smart item to have packed on any boat, regardless of the body of water. Orion Signals offer a good selection of signals that meet necessary legal requirements.

Aerial Signal Pack

·      Includes 12-gauge launcher and four red aerial flares

·      USCG approved day or nighttime signal

Hand-held Signal Pack

·      Includes four red hand-held signals

·      Burn up to three minutes

·      USCG approved for day or nighttime use 


Rescue Throw Bag

Rope is always useful on watercraft, and having it contained in a small pack that can be used in an emergency situation is extremely useful. Throw bags like the Stearns Rescue Mate Water Rescue Throw Bag are made for such situations. Featuring various lengths of high-strength rope, it can be attached to a throwable floatation device with ease and the containment bag keeps rope tangle-free and easy to deploy.

·      Constructed of 1000D Cordura Nylon

·      Quick-release carrying strap and drawstring closure

·      3/8-inch braided, floating polypropylene rope with an 1,800-pound tensile strength

www.coleman.com – Stearns is owned by Coleman Company


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