Everyone Needs a Fire Starter

Stock the fire-starting tools your customers need for hiking and camping

Everyone Needs a Fire Starter

With modern tools and technology, starting a fire doesn’t have to be as difficult as it once was. Help your customers be prepared to make flame whenever and wherever. 

The ability to start a fire is perhaps the most basic and important skillset to have in a survival situation. And with the proper tools and with a little practice, it can be easy in any environment. There are a lot of options when it comes to fire-starting tools. Of course, matches or a traditional butane lighter are always an option, but they have to be protected and kept dry. Turn your customers on to better equipment that will last longer and work in the worst weather, when it really counts. 

Ferrocerium, or ferro rods are a favorite among survivalists and outdoor gear enthusiasts due to their ability to spark even in the coldest, wettest conditions. Ferro rods are made from a mixture of metals, usually containing cerium, lanthanum and iron. When striking the rod with a hard object like the back of a knife or a hard jagged rock, the shavings spark and burn. Guide them to a pile of small tinder and you have fire.

There are numerous ferro-based fire starters available. Here are four to consider stocking. 

Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Scout

This ferro rod from Light My Fire FireSteel of Sweden is a basic and effective tool for igniting spark in any weather. The Magnesium alloy striker will produce sparks at 5,400 degrees F and is built to work for approximately 3,000 strikes. Built-in emergency whistle, grip-friendly design and the handy CircBag for easy storage makes the Swedish FireSteel 2.0 Scout a reliable and convenient tool for backpacking, camping and outdoor adventures.

Lightning Strike Mini Fire Starter

The mini Lightning Strike made by Holland is a compact unit measuring 5.5 inches long by 1 inch in diameter. The barrel-shaped body is made from anodized aluminum with a waterproof storage handle that comes preloaded with enough tinder to start around 10 fires. The barrel has a built-in slot designed for the striker to slide along, creating good contact on the ferro rod and aiming the sparks through the aluminum barrel to concentrate them on the tinder. The rod is locked in with a set screw that can be loosened to turn the rod when one side becomes worn. When not in use, the striker is stored securely in the barrel.

Bear Grylls Fire Starter

Gerber teamed up with survival expert Bear Grylls to create a complete fire-starting tool in a compact package, measuring under 5 inches when closed. It’s a two-piece design that pulls apart to reveal a striker and ferro rod. The case is made of anodized aluminum to resist rust and corrosion. A waterproof storage compartment allows safe stowage to keep tinder dry and ready to use. The tool also comes with an integrated whistle on a lanyard cord, land to air rescue tips, and SOS instructions.

Fire-Fast Fire Starter

The Fire-Fast line of fire-starting kits combines everything needed to make fire in a compact unit. The largest model, the Trekker, is 6.5 inches long. The Kamper Lanyard is 5.75 inches and the Fire Fly measures 5 inches in overall length. Each model is constructed of a 95% pure magnesium rod alongside a ferro/flint rod for spark. The magnesium is highly combustible and creates a burst of flames when hit with a spark. The handle is made from hardwood that can be scraped into shavings using the hardened steel striker to create dry tinder.

Provide advice and fuel

These tools are only useful if your customer knows how to use them. If they have never used a ferrocerium rod to ignite a fire, give them some tips and offer advice on helpful tinder to use. Always encourage them to practice before heading out into the woods. The time to experiment with ferro rod fire starting is not in a time of dire need.

Offering tinder and fuel options alongside sparking devices is a great idea. Pairing a ferro rod with manufactured starting fuels like InstaFire or Shefko EasyFire all-natural fire starters is helpful for customers and moves more product off your shelves.


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