Capitalize on Camera Gear

Video recording equipment is part of the outdoors industry, so don’t hesitate to fill the demand

Capitalize on Camera Gear

One of the biggest changes on the entertainment side of the outdoors industry in recent years is the amount of online — and specifically YouTube — channels that are delivering top quality content. 

There is great opportunity to profit from media producers and set your store apart by thinking beyond the standard outdoors gear used in videos. Consider the essential production equipment they may need on the road, like camera gear. Many of these media producers rely on small, durable video cameras and the various mounts and accessories that go with them. These specialty items can be hard to find, so stocking and advertising them can pay off. 

There is also growing popularity with the average outdoor enthusiast to take photos and videos of their pursuits for fun or as a hobby. Whether it’s a family outing, solo adventurer or content producers, people are travelling thousands of miles every year and filming in numerous locations across the nation. That is a good thing for your store. They do not have a shipping address for online orders, so when something is needed in a moment’s notice, they turn to local businesses. 

Focus on accessories that go with your primary demographic and the season. In the fall, have mounts that attach cameras to firearms and bows. In the spring and summer carry mounts to attach cameras to fishing boats, kayaks and bikes, and make sure you stock accessories that float. Below are a handful of cameras and accessories that are popular for capturing outdoor expeditions.


GoPro Hero8 Black 

The Hero8 (LINK) Black is the newest in the Hero line of cameras from GoPro. GoPro is widely popular with outdoor videographers, so stocking a camera in the Hero line is a good bet. The Hero8 has a plethora of features including a fully waterproof housing, intuitive touch screen and voice control options for hands-free operation. It delivers clear video, 12 MP still photos, night-lapse video and can live stream to social media or YouTube. GPS and motion sensors also allow the camera to capture the user’s location, altitude and speed. MSRP: $399.99


ShotKam cameras are designed specifically to attach to a gun’s barrel, making them popular for hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts. With the new quick-release mount included with the camera, it can be moved between barrels in seconds. The built-in WiFi allows you to connect the camera directly to a mobile device for instant playback. ShotKam cameras are built with military-grade materials to withstand harsh environments and are designed to absorb recoil shock. The intelligent activation detects barrel movement to know when to record for complete hands-free recording. MSRP: $649.99 



The Chesty mount from GoPro allows hands-free, point-of-view footage by mounting the camera to the user’s chest. It is made from lightweight material that is fully adjustable to fit over layers of clothing and a wide range of body types. This mount is popular among a range of outdoor enthusiasts including anglers, climbers, cyclists, paddlers and hunters. MSRP: $39.99

Head Strap 

Like the previous mount, the Head Strap is designed for point-of-view filming. The fully adjustable strap is designed for use on all head sizes, over hats and can even be strapped to a helmet. This mount also comes with a QuickClip that be used to attach the camera directly to baseball caps, belts and more. MSRP: $19.99

The Handler 

The Handler provides an easy way to hold a camera when active. This grip is extremely universal across any activity and very popular for water sports. The non-slip grip is built to keep the mount and camera afloat and the bright orange bottom portion of the handle makes it easy to spot if dropped in the water. MSRP: $29.99


The Jaws clamp-style mount is another option that offers a lot of versatility. The clamp is able to attach to objects ranging in size from 0.25 to 2 inches in diameter. Two camera mounting options let the user choose between a direct mount to the clamp, or utilization of the flexible neck for camera angle adjustability. The versatility of this mount makes it extremely popular for most every outdoor pursuit. MSRP: $49.99


Rechargeable Batteries 

If the cameras you are offering require a specific battery pack like these from GoPro, make sure to have a supply of extras and remind customers who buy a camera from you that an extra battery is a great add-on purchase. Multiple batteries allow for extended operation without waiting to recharge.

SD Memory Cards

Just like extra batteries, multiple memory cards are a great idea, especially for those filming hours of footage to create longer shows. You may already carry SD cards for trail cameras, but make sure to get larger sizes for video camera use, typically 32GB and up.


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