Old Stock Can Still Prove Profitable

Knowing the “old” lures anglers still want can mean big money for your store

Old Stock Can Still Prove Profitable

Hardcore anglers are willing to spend a lot of money on a lure they have confidence in. But those lures aren’t always the latest-and-greatest on the market. Sometimes they’re tried and true baits that have been landing fish for decades and aren’t even manufactured anymore.

Each angler has their opinions why a specific model or discontinued lure catches more fish. It could be the mold they were manufactured from, the type of plastic used, the internal weighting system or simply just the confidence the angler has when using it.   

The original Wiggle Wart crankbait from Storm is an ideal example of this. The Wiggle Wart gained popularity throughout much of the U.S. but is especially well known around the Ozark Mountain area in impoundments such as Table Rock Lake and Lake of the Ozarks. In today’s market, Storm is owned by Rapala and still makes a very effective Wiggle Wart crankbait. There is, however, extremely high demand for Wiggle Warts made prior to Rapala’s acquisition of Storm in 1999, with anglers sometimes paying over $100 per lure in sought-after colors.  Even though their popularity stemmed from the Ozark region, the Wiggle Wart’s reputation has anglers buying them anywhere they can and casting them out in their home lakes. Retail stores that still have these specific lures in stock do quite well selling them at a premium price.

The Wiggle Wart is not the only lure this pertains to. Pay attention to hot lures in today’s market and industry news. If a company sells or goes out of business and they have produced a popular lure, stock up while you can. 

And next time you’re sorting through boxes of new, old stock fishing lures, take a few minutes before throwing them in the discount bin to research and find out if they have a following. If you find you have something special, don’t be afraid to display them like the treasure they are. Have a separate section behind the counter or under glass to show them off and draw attention. Offering a few high-ticket and hard-to-find items can help make your store memorable and keep anglers coming back.  A few other noteworthy old models and discontinued lures to keep on the lookout for include:

  • Cotton Cordell Big O
  • Reaction Innovations Vixen 
  • Storm Rattlin’ Chug Bug (Pre-Rapala)
  • Xcalibur XCS 100 Square Lip 

Note: A few of these lures have new models readily available, so it’s important to do a little research and be able to properly identify the original models.


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